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In-grown toenails curve into the skin and can be extremely painful: they can also lead to infection. Those that cause an inflammation or infection are usually very painful.  If you're in and around Brentwood, get in touch with Brentwood Chiropody Surgery for in-grown toenails and surgery. We also provide treatment for verrucas as well as chiropody and podiatry services.

We provide treatment for in-grown toenails in case of:

What we provide

  • Trauma or damage to the nail or nail bed

  • Microtrauma- This can be caused by repeated pressure from shoes.

  • Blunt trauma-This can be caused when you drop something on your toe, or stub it on some furniture.

  • Shoes-Narrow or smaller shoes that place extra pressure on the big toe nail.

  • Fungal nails-These case changes in the shape of the nail or the nail bed. This later results in in-grown toe nails

  • Genetics-Some people are naturally born and predisposed to in-grown toenails.

How are they caused?

In-growth of toenails can be caused due to the following:

If you do need surgery to deal with your in-grown toenail it's natural to feel slightly anxious about what's involved. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions regarding the day of surgery, the surgery itself and aftercare.

1) You'll only need a local anaesthetic

2) Your toe will be washed and antiseptic applied

3) We endeavour to remove as little of your toenail as possible. Sometimes, depending on the pathology of the toe it may be necessary to remove the whole toenail

4) Phenol will then be applied to stop the nail re-growing - it's a completely harmless chemical

5) Your toe will be dressed to prevent any infection getting in and for maximum comfort

6) You'll come back again the following day for your dressing to be changed

7) We'll see you a few more times, show you how to change the dressing yourself in the comfort of your own home and you can expect to have completely healed within 3-6 weeks

8) No skin is cut during the surgery

9) Your nail will not grow back

10) You can go back to work the following day or perhaps the next, depending on your occupation

In-grown toenails and surgery services

If you have any questions or concerns related to in-grown toenails or surgery which are not addressed here, do please call:


01277 203010

  • Repeated instances

  • Nails that are chronically curled-in

  • Inability of conservative care to address the situation

  • In-grown nails that are infected

  • Deformities in the shape of the nail

  • Fungal nails that have thickened

Cure in-grown toenails

Common questions/worries related to toenail surgery